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There are times in everyone when the feeling of pain and despair is overwhelming, when you’re heart feels shut off and your mind is in control. This is your time to awaken to see beyond the past, to replace the fear of the future and grasp the blessings of the now. Being in the present is truly the only thing that exists.

If we stop for a moment and recognize the underlying feelings or emotions we are having, it can allow a door to open four a more powerful message. When you feel anger stop yourself and listen it is probably your ego saying you are powerless that you can’t change the situation. This is never true, energy is constantly changing and transforming. You have a choice in the nature of energy you want to hold to change it.
Anxiety has an underlying emotion of ultimately trusting ourselves and having the control to do it right. If we realize that our emotions are gift and have an empowering message for us to grow and to find peace and connection to our higher selves wouldn’t you want to know it.

All the answers you seek are in you, connected with your higher self just waiting to be acknowledged. You are all worthy, you are all capable of connecting with your higher self no matter the distance you have created.
Embrace your true self and all the capabilities within it, and enter a place where everything is possible.

Energy is everything and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy this is physics.      ” Albert Einstein”

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