“Living from your Higher Guidance”

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       We are constantly being guided by an all knowing part of ourselves. But, what does this guidance look like, feel like and sound like? Awareness of this “inner voice” has often been conditioned out of most, being replaced by “logical” thinking, which is always inconsistent in it’s results. Whereas, our “inner voice” is always “right on.”       I talk with people all the time about this subject. This all-knowing feeling that comes from every part of your being to help guide you through every aspect of your life. From picking out the...

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“Blessings of The Now”

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There are times in everyone when the feeling of pain and despair is overwhelming, when you’re heart feels shut off and your mind is in control. This is your time to awaken to see beyond the past, to replace the fear of the future and grasp the blessings of the now. Being in the present is truly the only thing that exists. If we stop for a moment and recognize the underlying feelings or emotions we are having, it can allow a door to open four a more powerful message. When you feel anger stop yourself and listen it is probably your ego saying you are powerless that you can’t change...

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