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Isn’t it nice to have little reminders in and around your home to help bring in positive energies. The elephant according to Feng Shui is a precious animal that symbolizes fertility, wealth, wisdom and strength. If you place an elephant statue with a gem on its back immediately inside your front door it will bring wealth – producing new opportunities, luck and blessings for all those in the home.
We have had one outside of our door just because I liked the statue. Now that I know this, I will put it just inside the door and attach a crystal to its back.
It will be nice knowing that every time that I see the elephant the thought of wealth, strength, and wisdom will come to me thus creating more wealth, strength, and wisdom. The more you say and feel the energy of the words “wealth, strength and wisdom” you are attracting more of that energy in your life.
What you put out comes back!
The elephant is a reminder of wealth, strength and wisdom but you can use many other objects or words in your life as a reminder or representation of what you would like more of in your life. So think carefully about what you say and how often. This doesn’t go just one way only to the positive but also can go to the negative. Be more conscious of your words.

Take a moment and say the words love and feel the the vibration that it holds. Now say the word hate and feel the vibration that it holds. Each word is on its own vibration and attracts like vibration.
All this being said what vibrations do you want to attract and do you want to have in your life.


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