What if you looked at everything as energy? The truth is everything is energy and if you understand this, your life can change in so many positive ways.

IMG_4952Jessica’s Readings

There is so much to be to told from a person’s energy in, on, and around them.  Jessica Bryant will tell you the story of your energies with the help from spirit.

When you receive a message from Jessica you cannot help but to walk away feeling love, at peace, and that you are not alone.

First she will look at your skeletal system like an x-ray and then all of your organs, blood and muscles. Your body holds the story of your life. Jessica will see where there’s an imbalance and spirit will tell her the story connected to it or what the body needs to create balance. Jessica will then move on to your emotional story. She will give you an overview of your life story from your head to your toes. Our stories explain why we are the people that we are today. Sometimes the stories we think are forgiven and gone still linger and have an impact in our life. This may show up in your reading and be valuable to your healing. Spirit will show Jessica what is most important in the healing process for the individual.

Next Jessica looks at the energies around you. You all have spirit around you in many forms. Your loved ones that have passed, mother, father, grandparents, children, ect… They may tell you the one thing you have been waiting to hear. You may also hear from your Guides and Angels giving guidance and praises.

This has been life-changing not only for the client but for Jessica. Seeing spirit and being frightened her whole life, now has turned into the greatest blessing and gift beyond anything she imagined.

Jessica receives her information as if it were real but on a different frequency (feeling, seeing, hearing). Spirit will show her pictures or clips of events like a movie. She will feel and see the love or pain from your loved one as if it were her own.

Jessica comes away with each reading knowing that in that time she was the closest to what is truly real. Being so close to divine love and presence She is forever thankful.

Jessica’s gifts do not stop at her readings. Jessica feels that the readings give a great foundation for her “Life Coaching”. After having a reading you will see what your stories and beliefs are and how they are affecting your life. Sometimes they affect our lives in ways we do not want. Jessica helps you see that you are the creator of your life and reality.

Jessica’s belief that everything physically wrong with us has an emotional energy attached to it. And yes you’re probably saying that me falling and breaking my ankle is physical not emotional. She’s here to tell you there is still an emotion connection to it. Spirit manifests situations in order to teach us or those around us. “Yes also to teach others”. You may have something emotional to learn that is relative to breaking your ankle. It may be telling you to slow down, have patience, pay attention to details, etc… So when you hurt or get hurt it’s your body trying to communicate with you or put other energies into action.

Back CameraEnergy is constant and cannot be destroyed, it just keeps moving and changing. Jessica’s goal is to teach you how to move and transform your energies to better serve you and enhance your life.

The fact is you have the power to choose the vibrations or frequencies you want to be on. With a number of tools, techniques and Jessica’s coaching she can help you attract the energies you need and want. Her techniques have immediate results and can be life-changing. Jessica states “healing is ultimately up to you, if you are willing and ready for change, your inner healer is waiting for you”.





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