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Energy Insight Training Intensive! Day Three!

October 29, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


energyhealingEverything in this world is a vibration and frequency. You may be asking what does that mean? It means let’s talk ENERGY! Yes everything is energy which vibrates and has a frequency.

It starts with us first. What are you vibrating and projecting?  From there we set out a frequency those gos out and affect everyone and everything around us. It affects the space, the objects the people all of our surroundings. Everything you touch, look at, think about is being affected by your energy. But hold on you are not the only living thing on this planet. That means that other living energies have an influencing us.  

It goes back to the saying “we are all connected!”

There is so much to understand about energy that can be an influence in our lives. After it is understood we will get right to work learning all what we can do with it. Here are just a few of the topics.


  • Divine connection
  • Mediumship
  • Psychic
  • Psychometry
  • Chakras
  • Auras
  • Paranormal
  • Law of Attraction

This Workshop will be jam-packed with understanding how to read energy (everything in, on and around you), communicating with spirit (angels, guides and loved ones), giving readings to others (psychic/mediumship), diving into the Paranormal (going on a field trip to read the energy of a home/property and possible communicating with spirit). Yes we will be going on sight to have a paranormal investigation. The place will be announced in class.

People have been teaching these things for years. Jessica has a unique approach In that she has been guided to teach it the way spirit has taught her. Not in traditional form of the in the box perceptions but rather outside the box and the restrictions. She never listened to those that told her “that is not how you do that”. Let Jessica show you that you have the abilities to bring peace, love and happiness into your life. You will learn to connect and understand to the energies around you, your higher self and your spirit group. You will learn to expanding your senses, communicating with spirit, learn to read people and spaces but most important strengthen your relationship with source.

By the end of this class you will be changed not only from your experience but also from all your new found abilities!

This class will take place over a period of three days! Thursday 5-9pm, Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 1-5pm  disperse for dinner them meet again for evening investigation around 8pm.

IMG_4952Jessica Bryant

is an inspiring, passionate individual known for her talents and expertise in Wellness Design, Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive, Psychic/Medium,  Reiki Master Teacher, and Reflexology. She is also an ordained minister. Jessica is a highly sensitive person who has seen spirit and felt other people’s feelings and emotions all of her life. After being struck with a debilitating illness and finding full recovery through holistic treatments, Jessica realized the importance of understanding energy. She feels that if we were taught at an early age to understand and manipulate energies around us, we would be able to prevent illness and disease.
 Jessica passion to teach the importance of understanding energy and treating the whole being (mind, body, soul) is shown in all that she does. 
Through a series of techniques and keys from spirit, Jessica will help you create the path to wherever you would like to go. Whether it is finding forgiveness, letting go of pain, releasing resentment and guilt, or ultimately feeling love and loving yourself.

Jessica can teach you to embrace who you truly are and open doors for you to manifest anything that your heart desires. You will learn to know and feel the vastness of energies that are in the universe and are here to serve you and are ultimately in you. Sometimes we just need to know how to play in the stars and witness the illusions. Some have said Jessica has changed their life, her reply to them is “they have changed their own life, I was just manifested to help them along the way”.

If spirituality doesn’t resonate with you, Jessica asks that you be open and trust your higher self which lives in your heart. This will guide you through the process of self-discovery. Jessica does not try to convince or instill beliefs that are outside of you. Her desire is to help you connect to the light within you. Your beliefs are a part of who you are and they are either serving you or acting as a disservice to you. When you can feel the energy in your heart as you speak, you are hearing the truth from your higher self. Jessica was once told you have all the answers within you. She has grown to understand this greater than she could have ever imagined. The power we have in us is infinite.


October 29, 2016
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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