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Getting To Know Your Spiritual Group with “Jessica Bryant”

February 18, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


th-3Getting to know your spiritual group is such a gift to yourself. Lets dive deep into exploring who and what is in you group and how they can be a help to you. This can be a very magical life changing quest that I believe should be at the top of life events.

The human energy field is something that should be so natural for us to see, hear and feel. Energy is what we and all things are made of. The truth is you are seeing, hearing and feeling it all the time. We have been programmed to perceive it differently.

I would like to help you open yourself up to a life of connection. One where you listen to your higher self and the energies around you. This will be through a series of classes designed around expanding your senses and ultimately your abilities in healing, communicating with spirit, reading spaces and most important having a relationship with source.

This class will be held once a month and what is taught in each class will vary in subject month to month. I believe the best way to learn is through experience.

This is a practicing and development class.  Lets open the door for you to become all that you can and want to be.

Everyone is different and will have there own way of receiving the energy. No one way is right or wrong. Let’s get into the exploration of yours and others energetic self. Let’s find out what your true strengths are.  You may call it being a healer, intuitive, psychic, medium there are so many labels for what you will learn. It all comes down to ENERGY!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, you will gain new insights to help with your energetic understanding.

IMG_4952Jessica Bryant

is an inspiring, passionate individual known for her talents and abilities as a Medical Intuitive, Psychic/Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexology, Raindrop Therapy, Doula. Jessica is also an ordained minister. She is a highly sensitive person who has seen spirit and felt other people’s feelings and emotions all of her life. After being struck with a debilitating illness, Jessica realized the importance of understanding energy. She feels that if we were taught at an early age to understand and manipulate energies around us, we would be able to prevent illness and disease.
Throughout her recovery, Jessica learned the importance of treating the whole being (mind, body, soul). She is now breaching the distance between holistic and traditional medicine, hoping that they will soon be interconnected and working as one.
Jessica believes there are times in everyone’s life when the feeling of pain and despair is overwhelming, when your heart feels shut off and your mind is in control. She believes this is your time to awaken to see beyond the past, to replace the fear of the future and grasp the blessings of the now.
Through a series of techniques and keys from spirit, Jessica will help you create the path to wherever you would like to go. Whether it is finding forgiveness, letting go of pain, releasing resentment and guilt, or ultimately feeling love and loving yourself.

Jessica can teach you to embrace who you truly are and open doors for you to manifest anything that your heart desires. You will learn to know and feel the vastness of energies that are in the universe and are here to serve you and are ultimately in you. Sometimes we just need to know how to play in the stars and witness the illusions. Some have said Jessica has changed their life, her reply to them is “they have changed their own life, I was just manifested to help them along the way”.


February 18, 2017
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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