Reiki is a Japanese techniques that has been used for thousands of years. A Christian monk by the name of Mikao Usui rediscover the technique in the middle of the 19th century. Reiki is a very simple yet powerful healing technique that utilizes universal life energy, by channeling this energy through our bodies and delivering it to others through “laying on of hands”.

Reiki is one of the most powerful alternative medical treatments. The word Reiki combines two Japanese words Rei and Ki which IMG_5102editessentially means universal life force energy. The life force energy flows within every living thing. Without it we would not exist. This healing technique is a gentle, loving, laying on of hands or just above the body and allows the unseen life force energy to flow through the palms of the hands to the recipient. Reiki is a natural and safe way of treating the mind, body, and spirit. It is a great way to reduce stress, pain, an illness in the body by balancing your energy and opening any blockages to create an overall well-being. Reiki works well with conventional medical treatments. It has been used post-surgical to help with the stress and anxiety, during surgeries (especially those dealing with the heart), and after for the reduction of pain and the acceleration of recovery. Reiki is being implemented in thousands of wellness programs, hospitals and healthcare facilities all over America.

It is our hope that soon every medical doctor will have a Reiki practitioner by their side and will realize the significance of healing the whole person (mind, body and spirit) and start treating them as one.

What to expect when receiving a Reiki treatment

A Reiki sessions can last for about 20-90 minutes (although will very on a case by case basis). The client will lie on a Reiki table or chair and the practitioner will hover over or gently touch the recipient and allow the energy to flow.
The recipient may experience a variety of effects unique to themselves. Some people feel a warmth or heat, a feeling of multiple hands touching them in various places on the body. Some experience a feeling of heaviness while others have a feeling of lightness of almost hovering out of their body. You may see colors or have visions but most experience a feeling of relaxation, peace and a feeling of being lighter. There is no right and wrong to anyone’s experiences. Sometimes the experience will seem very suddal but later have a profound impact. Everyone has a different vibration or energy therefore the Reiki will know what is best for your healing.

Distant Reiki healing sessions are also available.

Animals are also filled with a life force energy. This means they can be rebalanced and vitalized by Reiki just like a human. If you have a pet that is physically sick, emotionally stressed or just not acting like their normal selves Reiki can be a great help. Animals are innocent, and are of “pure love”and act on their instincts or their inner intuitions. Most animals will relax very quickly and almost go into a calming trance. This is an energy that is very familiar to them because they are very connected to all of nature’s energies.


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