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       We are constantly being guided by an all knowing part of ourselves. But, what does this guidance look like, feel like and sound like? Awareness of this “inner voice” has often been conditioned out of most, being replaced by “logical” thinking, which is always inconsistent in it’s results. Whereas, our “inner voice” is always “right on.”
      I talk with people all the time about this subject. This all-knowing feeling that comes from every part of your being to help guide you through every aspect of your life. From picking out the clothes you are going to wear for the day, to choosing which stocks to put your savings in. Every part of every day there is a presence that is here just for you, to help you, love you, support you, and of course guide you.
I believe it is different but the same for everyone. Let me explain, you are a unique being that has a unique guidance but ultimately we are all connected and come from the same source.
      Our beliefs probably play the biggest role and have the biggest influence on how we listen to our inner guidance. I grew up believing in magical creatures such as fairies, gnomes, unicorns and many other fairytale creatures and places. In fact I still do believe! I was fortunate enough that my belief in these magical creatures and places was never taken from me by my parents or any other outside influence.
Because my beliefs have allowed me to stay open to something that most people do not believe in, it has allowed me to be a witness to the unbelievable. Your relationship with your inner guidance is probably like most relationships. There are times when it is very close connected and their other times when it seems a little farther apart. Stay true and close to your relationship with this guidance for it is truth in the most purest form.

       So where does that leave you? Look for the door you have partially opened and find its resistance. Move the resistance and there is a clear opening. You must also knowledge and allow the guidance to be real so you can start the relationship.


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