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Have you ever walked into a room and it just doesn’t feel right and then you have this rush of energy that feels like someone or thing just walked throw you? I have and it’s not fun! There is so much I could say and teach you about this.

I have been highly sensitive all my life. Seeing spirit, feeling energy in on and around people and places. It was something growing up that was not normal to talk about. Now as an adult I have learned to understand what it all is. I have found that it is not only my calling but also my passion to help people understand what energies are out there and teach them to work with it. You have seen over the last few years how the media has taken something so taboo and changed into a gift. Long Island medium, Ghost Hunters, Dead Files just to name a few. Why have the table turn? It’s easy for me to see because it’s real! It’s what at some point in our lives we have all had some experience or know someone that has. It also has been something more people are talking about because they need help. They are having experiences themselves and are not afraid to find an answers. It was bond to become a moment. It’s kind of like anything, If the population needs more buildings more people will become carpenters. Supply and demand.

We also have gone into realizing this is not the age of the witch trials. That would not fly at all now for so many reasons. Science has had great successes in the last few years proving to us that this energy stuff is real.

The more we learn about energy the more understanding of how its influences our lives and believe me it is a HUGE influence in your lives, whether you believe it or not. I encourage you all to see what it is all about. Find family, friends, books, and places talking and teaching about it. It is what you and all things are made of.

By: Jessica Bryant