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Reiki open doors for me that were beyond what I could imagine. My first treatment alone was life-changing. Yes I know this doesn’t happen for everybody. I was coming out a of a debilitating illness and God had a plan for me and needed to make it known.

During my first treatment the energy running through my body was very intense. Waves of vibration and pulsing streaming up and down from my head to my toes. Then in a split moment that’s when it happened. A woman in spirit rushed up to my side saying “I’m sorry I’m late!” I have seen spirit my whole life but not like this. It was amazing! The details I will never forget. She was a slightly round woman probably in her 60s with long flowing gray hair wearing a peach dress that had little embroidered white flowers all over it. The feeling that came over me as she laid her hands on my arm was of peace, love and warmth. It was one of the most comforting moments of my life. In that very moment I knew I was supposed to do this. What this was I had no idea. All that I did know is I wanted people to have the same experience that I had. To feel that piece and love like no other. I left that afternoon in search of how I was going to do that. I found a course called Reiki one and two. It talked about laying on of hands and healing. The expense was a little high so I prayed if I were to take the class the money would come. Yes the money came and I had opened a door that would significantly changed my life and the direction I was going.

I talk of puzzle pieces in life. Reiki is not just one piece but many to my puzzle of life. I am very thankful and blessed that spirit showed me the way to healing with Reiki. You may think Reiki is healing others, yes it is but my belief it’s mostly healing for you. The universal energy flows through you and out to others. Everything that comes to us in life is a reflection of ourselves therefore who is really getting the healing?

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