Healing BeadsEach one of Jessica bracelets is filled with loving, healing light! Place them on your wrist knowing you are loved and the universe will fill you with its healing light. If you know someone that is feeling down, pass a bracelet on, sharing the loving light even more.
Jessica customize the healing bracelet by asking spirit what the individual needs as a healing reminder. Such as forgiveness, trust, strength, courage even sweetness. It will be unique to you, meaningful to you, something that will help you on your healing journey.
These bracelets can be a great gift for others or a loving gift to yourself. Jessica only uses stones, shells or wood for her beads. She feel that natural material can conduct and hold loving energy the best. This does not take away from the art of the beads.
Keep in mind these bracelets can be a nice addition when receiving a distant reading. You may also ask to have your bracelet customize with an energy from spirit without receiving a full reading.