“Intuition” Everything You Need To Know!

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What dose being “Intuitive” mean to you? In this class we will study and explore the ins and outs of intuition. Where dose it comes from? How do we listen to it?  How do we use it in our daily lives? Build your conscious connection with your own intuitions! The ultimate guidance to happiness! The human energy field is something that should be so natural for us to see, hear and feel. Energy is what we and all things are made of. The truth is you are seeing, hearing and feeling it all the time. We have been programmed to perceive it differently. I would like to help you open...

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Standing in your power with Jess and Vaness!

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Have you ever looked back on a lesson in your life and wish you could have learned it sooner?   What if you could have had someone to guide you on your way? Vanessa and Jessica have come together to teach you to embrace who you truly are and help you open the doors to  manifest anything your heart desires.  Let’s look at life as a hallway lined with locked doors. The keys for these doors are all inside of us, we use them to unlock the lessons in life. To be unlocked, each door requires a willingness to accept the challenge as an opportunity for growth. Each key combines the perceptions...

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Balance Your Chakras, Heal Your “Self”

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Do you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety? Does your body feel out of balance?  There are many energetic connections to physical symptoms in our bodies. Taking care of energetic imbalances can head off the physical ailments before they get bad enough to affect your daily life. A chakra is a center of energy connecting your physical body to your energetic being. While there are hundreds of these vortices throughout the body, we are going to focus on the seven main chakras. You will learn what they are and how they relate to healing within your physical body. Also how to be aware, sooner,...

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