100_1714Life is meant to be a blessing and full of love. Most of us would say that they are happiest when they are home. The energy in our home is part of us. It is full of people we love, our belongings and memories. It’s where we show people we love them by inviting them for dinner, tea or intimacy. It’s where we share our holidays and special events. It reflects who we are. Jessica can help you create a home that makes you feel alive, at peace and balanced.

Creating a space in yourself and throughout your home to support the life you want to live, is Jessica’s goal for you. Let’s take some time and get to know you and the energy in your home. What is it?  How is it effecting you in your life? Learning to understand the energy in your life is the key to change. Energy is the source of everything.

A skilled Energy Wellness coach, Jessica will help you personally by giving you the tools you need to become the person you strive to be. Teaching you to be happy, to live a life of love and joy and be in touch with your own unique power. With her artistic flair and interior design experience, Jessica will help you transform your home: decluttering, painting, decorating and even structural work. This experience will be very hands on; you and Jessica will do this together. You will create a space you love, transform the energy in your home and in you to compliment your life. You will be empowered in every aspect of your life.

The first step is a one-on-one visit with Jessica to see what and where you are in your life. What would you like to heal and work on personally? She may want to do a short energy reading with you to determine what energies you are holding.

Next, Jessica will go into your home and assess its energy. She will listen to what your house has to say and assess how it is effecting your energy physically, mentally and emotionally. How are the colors, the layout, and the decor effecting you and where are you in your life? What are the energies in your home? Are there energies left over from previous owners or is there someone in the house producing energy you don’t want (this could be living or in spirit)? All of this will be assessed, addressed, and worked out to create a space you love and that supports you and how you want to feel.

Sometimes the energy in a space is holding old patterns from previous events or people that once lived there. If someone was sick in a home, you could develop symptoms of the sickness. When someone is repeating a behavior over and over it can create residual energy. This means that the energy the person is expressing stays in that area long after they have left. This is also why you may hear someone walking up and down the hallway when no one is there. This was a repetitive movement leaving its imprint.

Some homes may have spirit that has taken up occupancy or is protecting their belongings. All of this can be an influence on your energy, including things like mood swings, sickness, headaches, fatigue, sleep, depression, and much more.


Every person and home is unique and will require specific time, materials, and tools. Your role is to let the process open new possibilities for your life. Have faith and be in the love that presentness provides.

IMG_4952Jessica grew up living in a variety of old homes that her mother, with the help of Jessica and her sister,  would fix up, sell and then move on to the next one. It was always an adjustment getting to know the energies in the home and how to work with them. It was not just the typical spirit energy that most think about but the energy of the structure, the bones of a house. Jessica recalls how replacing walls and painting would result in a huge shift in the houses energy. It was as if the house would say “thank you” and breathe a deep sigh of relief. It’s as though the home knew Jessica and her family were there to help. They would go from room to room stripping five or six layers of wallpaper and refinishing the original wood floors. Putting their hands on every inch of the house. Putting their energy in it. Putting their imprint on it. Really connecting to the house. Bringing back the beauty that once was. This was so satisfying in so many ways. Jessica took part in helping the house feel clean and loved. She helped erase some of the old unhealthy patterns that were left behind.  She helped creating a space that people would feel good in. Most of the homes they found had occupants that were in need of their own profound healing. Some people needed help physically and mentally. Human beings influence energy in a huge way!  If you go into a house full of love, you know it! The structure in the house will be much stronger and have fewer problems than a home that is emotionally broken.

Jessica went on in her adult life to buy an old home, a big fixer upper.  Jessica and her husband did most of the work. They learned so much in the ten years they were there. When it was time to leave, they realizing all that they had accomplished, it felt great. The home went on to feel like ‘home’ for a new family who loved and cherish it.

Jessica sees the importance of living in a house that you love and that loves you back. Living in a house that holds the energy of love, joy, peace and balance. Learning to have a connection and a relationship with your home is so important. Your house is alive and wants to be part of the family.

Let’s take some time to get to know you and the energies in your home to create a space you love and feel good in. Contact Jessica for your Energy Readings today.